Refinishing Methods for Your Wood Floors

If you are planning to refinish your floor by yourself, then you may want to consider the following methods below to give your home flooring a professional look.

  • Give yourself some time to prepare. The right planning is among the essential factors if you want to have a beautiful-looking floor. Remember to sand in the grain’s direction if you are going to sand the previous finish using a sander called power belt.
  • Clean up is likewise vital, but people oftentimes overlook it. Once the varnish and old discoloration from the wood are sanded, you need to get rid of the debris and dust from cracks and floor by vacuuming it completely. When you are done with it, utilize a tack fabric on the area to collect the remaining particles that were not removed while you were vacuuming.
  • Air flow must be stopped inside the room as it always brings dirt. Close the door, windows, air and heating vents. Do not allow anyone (including your pets) to enter the room to prevent hair and tiny particles of dirt from falling on the floor. Usual air flow can be resumed only when the wood has already been stained and the last coating of varnish being applied is already dry.
  • You may want to consider utilizing a wood conditioner prior to putting on stain to balance out the stain absorption in the wood. Also, this will have an even look of shade.
  • Keep a temperature that is in conformity to the specified suggestions found on the product label. Extremely cold or hot temperature can lead to problems such as crawling, streaking and formation of films.
  • You need to properly blend the stain to make it consistent. In addition, you have to keep in mind that solids stay at the can’s bottom, so it is essential that you blend the stain really well to make sure that they do not remain at the bottom.
  • It is likewise important to strain the top coat finish. Pour it in a 5-gallon pail strainer or cone strainer in order to rid of the solid finish fragments before applying it.
  • The top coat must be at least three mils in thickness. Two coatings are needed for you to achieve it, thus giving your floor an equal shine.
  • Give ample time for the cure to be completed; it normally takes 14 to 21 days. Also, be cautious when sliding objects or furniture. Certainly, you wouldn’t want your efforts to go into waste at the end of the day.

If you’ve read this and don’t see yourself doing this job, we get it. Our professional team at Hardwood Floor Refinishing Tampa are happy to assist in your wood floor installation and/or refinishing job today. Just call us for your free, no obligation quote.